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The Power of Cats

Matt Mullenweg, American entrepreneur and foun...
Matt Mullenweg, American entrepreneur and founding developer of the popular open-source blogging software WordPress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the past year this blog has seen quite a bit of activity. Averaging approximately a post a week, we’ve managed to talk about many a thing. And as we continue to dig into the statistics that WordPress has kindly provided, we are struck by the power of cats.

Kittens, especially, are a big draw. The top three posts are in order:

1. Catty Rolls – which contained a picture of kittens and paragraph talking about my lack of love for cats. The post went on to talk about a specific type of street food. < No, please don’t read that again!>

2. 10.10.1985 – an eulogy twenty-eight years late.

3. Hello World – this is an interesting post. A self-congratulatory story of a past success; it really caters to no one in particular. Why then does it rank so highly? I suspect it is because I took a long post and split it into three, leaving readers hanging. A ploy that obviously seems to have worked.

My personal favorites don’t come anywhere near the top of the list. This lament bemoaning the American celebration of mediocrity making money while Libya burns and Fukushima hangs on grimly under the power of the sea and the radioactivity has seen little activity. Written completely in about 20 minutes and offering a fun way for readers to participate it will always be special.

And then is the representation of readers. The US holds the top spot by far, followed by India and Canada. Not surprising given the current distribution of family and friends. But then we have useful contributions from the UK, Spain, Singapore, Netherlands, Lebanon, Gibraltar, Australia and France followed by a whole host of other countries.

We have covered so much ground that it is hard to explain what this blog is about. A direct question put to me the other day at dinner to which I really did have no answer. What is this all about? We covered why in this post, but what is it about? We’ll have to dig into that at some point.

I do know it won’t be about cats or kittens.

A particularly cute abandoned kitten. Found on...
A particularly cute abandoned kitten. Found only a week or two old, with her big brother (the darker one). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

19 thoughts on “The Power of Cats”

                1. Costco is easier. It has aisles. Ikea has corridors and rooms off it. The only way to get to the end is to follow the corridor to the end where the check out counters are. They have an escape route (or a short cut) in one of two places.

                  But they do have really good meatballs… for a dollar.


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