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Chicken longingly computer

Yes, indeedy.... that is an actual search term that someone used in Bing to get to this blog! Obviously, I've things to learn. What were they looking for? A picture or a video of a chicken looking longingly at a computer? Or vice versa? WHY? And so they came here, read the Chicken Kebab recipe… Continue reading Chicken longingly computer

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The Coconut Oil Chaperone

I am going to put the disclaimer on top. I have obfuscated names to provide some privacy for the parties involved. However, some readers may yet recognize or feel they recognize the others in this story. If you are one of these readers, please help me maintain the illusion of privacy. Remember, deniability is 9/10ths… Continue reading The Coconut Oil Chaperone

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It’s mine!

BottledWorder is at it again - digging deep into the blogging experience and into the mind of the bloggist. http://bottledworder.com/2013/05/07/electronic-writing-and-the-numbers-game/ I did try the cute kitten trick and it definitely brought an uptick in traffic, so clearly the people have spoken! "Less coconut oil and more kittens" they say. Should I break down and stop… Continue reading It’s mine!

Last Word

In which our hero battles the Green Monster

The ceasefire brokered by another Canadian winter has ended, as it does every year, with the sprunging of spring and the rizzing of weeds. Yes, my dears, weeds not grass. Amidst the fruitless application of grass seeds mixed with fresh topsoil and anti-weed spray is the watering. The peculiar shape and size of the front… Continue reading In which our hero battles the Green Monster