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Two by Two

TBT apparently there is such a thing. “Throw Back Thursday”. Well I’m throwing this out there again in the hope that someone will understand it.


Hazy day Crazy play
Cars on tar Jars on bar
Bright sun Sight gun
Funny crack Gunny sack
Red blood Dead hood
Heave ho Weave more
Wail squeal Jail meal
Rag Doll Sag Moll
Volt Jolt Cold Mold
Lazy Sway Hazy Day

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The Little Red Blog – 0

I fear people may be a little confused aboot this. Yes, I live in Canada. Why do you ask? Sorry - back to TLRB. There was an altruistic fervor, uh, well, maybe not fervor, but at least a do-good, feel-good passion, no, that's too strong a word, feeling. Since then the logical side of my… Continue reading The Little Red Blog – 0

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At Starbucks

It's a confusing world here. I'm sitting at a long table facing the baristas. Three out of four are pretty, a pretty good percentage. I wonder how any one gets any work done at any of these places. There's the conversations around me. The tall man on my right is talking on his cell phone… Continue reading At Starbucks

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Not responsible

As the header says, I refuse to take the responsibility for the sounds in your head. Should you continue you agree not to hold me accountable for any after-effects. Have you ever noticed how certain sounds just entrench themselves into your mind and refuse to let you go? I mean, for example, this whiny thing… Continue reading Not responsible

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Carving deep blue ripples in the tissues of your mind.

I have decided that I should reblog this. Why? well… why not? It’s still valid. And great writing. (My modesty forbids me from saying any more..) And June 9 is coming up again. Well, really, I just wanted to. So here it is. Again.


I recently had an interesting conversation with a good friend on Facebook about music in our lives. This and a short reunion with old school friends brought back memories of the entertainment options available to us growing up, as we did, on the cusp of the modernization of India.

The very first mode of entertainment in my life was running around the neighbourhood with two significant episodes. The first was the hide and seek played in the trenches of a construction site next door leading to an intake of lime dust into the eyes. I well remember the doctor cleaning out my eyes with what seemed to be coke bottle caps. The second was a fight in a ditch culminating in a gaping gash in the front of the head at the age of five. Needless to say all diplomatic relations with “that family” were snapped.

The second discovery was Radio…

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