Miscellany, Slo-Man

Anna and the Change.

Some time ago, the Slo-Man had expressed his skepticism on the Indian political movement aimed at "eradicating corruption". Readers can read the original post here. And time and the subsequent turn of events has done nothing to diminish the Slo-Man's conviction that creating an expensive, bureaucratic, state-controlled monster is of no value. Where there is power,… Continue reading Anna and the Change.

Last Word, Writing


mmmyes! It does exist. This thing that makes your heart beat faster, the brain swirl with random asymmetric thoughts is not a romantic notion created by writers. It exists and is real. It makes you useless, apt to watch equestrian events or even synchronized swimming rather than sit down to work. And it feels like… Continue reading Block!

Last Word, Memoirs

Memories of a time well wasted!

(This article is scheduled to appear in WeXaverians, the magazine of the alumni of St Xavier's College, Calcutta) A college friend started a closed group on Facebook which has grown to nearly 200 members including me. And it has been a blast of nostalgia with good and bad humour, puns, repartee and insults traded freely… Continue reading Memories of a time well wasted!

Last Word, Pomes


When I think about you When I dream about you I feel my heart go still I feel I’ve had my fill If I think about you If I dream about you I’m wasting my time Just blowing my mind So let’s just call it quits Let’s just say goodbye You’ll find happiness Comes from… Continue reading Goodbye?