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More cleanups

Instead of simply reblogging something on this Thursday, I've chosen to make improvements to the site. Again. Apart from the ever-changing theme ( it's a blue and white thingy now... ), I have made the following changes. These should make it easier to find posts. Some of the newer readers may find it useful to… Continue reading More cleanups

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Boo arrives

In the autumn of 1994 we moved office to a friend’s flat ( apartment, if American ) about 5 minutes walk away from the house. The two rooms and separate entrance allowed us to host the expanded team and have a separate office for me and the Beloved Bangalan. Things had improved a bit since… Continue reading Boo arrives


Portrait of the writer

It’s Thursday! You lucky people get to read a very old pome! Enjoy!


The art of the writer
is a precious thing.
He writes for himself,
but others are served.

The heart of the blighter
wants the woman to cling.
He wants for himself
the other thinks “perve!”.

The part of the writer
is a constant thing.
It creates itself
barbers conserve.

The fart of the writer
has a wonderous sting.
He relieves himself
the room is unnerved.

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WordPress tells me that Wednesday is the best day for readers of #SloWord. 28% of the readers come to #SloWord and read what is there to be read on #SloWord on Wednesdays. It also tells me that 9% of the readers read #SloWord at 11:00pm. It would be reasonable to say then #SloWord helps some… Continue reading Insights

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Right Hand Man – Chapter 1

The phone rang and Goon picked it up. “Detective Sergeant Goon? This is Gwen from Superintendent Johns’ office. The Super would like to meet you at 11 today. Would you please come around to my office around by 10:55. The Super does not like to be kept waiting. Thanks” Goon replaced the phone and shifted… Continue reading Right Hand Man – Chapter 1