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about H1N1

and conspiracy theorists especially after getting an email the other day. The presentation highlighted the lack of lethality of H1N1 relative to other diseases that will wipe out mankind. A conspiracy theory was raised largely due to Rumsfeld's 1997-2001 chairmanship of a Tamiflu manufacturer.Leaving the nature of such viral (the Slo-Man apologises) emails for another… Continue reading about H1N1

Miscellany, Slo-Man

where do streets get their names?

He can see no Deer on Deer Run or any vista on Vista Drive. And when is it a Street as opposed to a Drive or an Avenue?And why do streets change their names on opposing sides of the cross street?What manner of person serves on such a committee? Is there competition to serve on… Continue reading where do streets get their names?


Why it’s been so long

and can think of many reasons. A lot has happened in the past few months, most of it harrowing or upsetting.Now, however, the Slo-Man is determined to spend more time with his computer and blog. For the Slo-Man loves to write ( and read, but that's another blog.... ).