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about anger management

and the anger management experts. He was downtown in an elevator that had a news feed on a TV monitor and a news item caught his eye. An anger management counsellor pulled a gun on someone who had blocked his car.Oh the irony! Too quote Sellers and Loren "Oh Doctor, I'm in trouble, well goodness… Continue reading about anger management

Miscellany, Slo-Man

how marijuana was found in a septic tank

The Slo-Man read this headline and called the LLBF for support. "Help me," he cried, "How could this happen?"."Obviously, someone flushed it down", said the LLBF, who is known for being practical when he's not dreaming."But what possessed anyone to go through the goop to find it? What hapless handyman, what investigative individual came up… Continue reading how marijuana was found in a septic tank