The Slo-Man

The Slo-Man has been labelled many things in his life, this is his first and most enduring label. It was conferred on him due to his penchant for thought rather than immediate action.

In fact, the Slo-Man cannot act – numerous roles in school theater including one title role and another in a commercially produced play have confirmed that he is hampered by a lack of talent of the thespian variety.

The Slo-Man often seeks refuge in his LifeLongBestFriend, a kindred spirit, who is just as adept at dreaming, but is known as the One-Who-Will-Ask-“WHY?” before coming up with a series of alternative solutions.

And this should tell you as much as you need to know about the Slo-Man. If you agree with his words, the Slo-Man will feel good. If you find his musings amusing, he’s happy to have tickled your senses. If you are among those who seek a pithy statement, a sola topi for your brain or an easily digested thought, you are unlikely to find it, the Slo-Man never using 20 words when 200 will suffice and always making obscure references, like the one in the last line of this profile.

To understand the Slo-Man takes time. Taking his cue from Sergius, he never apologises for his writing.

Check out what he’s on about here

6 thoughts on “The Slo-Man”

    1. Hi, Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been fighting the maintenance of this blog for a while and my day job has eaten heavily into my time..

      The simple way to find out more is to read this blog from end to end… 🙂


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