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Decided not to Decide

The Slo-Man has decided not to decide whether it is he or them. He is inclined to believe it  is them. He is aware that they probably think it is he. Maybe we should step back just a bit and explore this curious state of affairs. First of all, we already know the Slo-Man. Or… Continue reading Decided not to Decide

Last Word, Memoirs

An Inauspicious Start

Shortly after the "Hello World" episode, the startup shutdown. Cast into the wilderness, not yet 27 years of age, boasting a pregnant wife and mounting debt caused by 3 months of no pay, I drifted out of the corporate world. Disillusioned by the posturing, the politics, burned out from nearly 5 years of 80-100 hour… Continue reading An Inauspicious Start

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Run machine or cricketer?

So the great accumulator is calling it a day. It isn't quite like riding into the sunset as it is slowly fading away like the Cheshire Cat. Except that, maybe, there is no grin, just a grimace. All the die-hard fanatical fans are swearing off cricket altogether now that their hero, their darling, their dream,… Continue reading Run machine or cricketer?

Cricket, LeggieLefty

New Author!

Please join us in welcoming a new contributor to this blog. LeggieLefty will be bringing his specialized and rare knowledge of the lovely game of cricket to these blogs. For some time now, LeggieLefty has been ghosting cricket posts for the LastWord. The LastWord was never truly comfortable with that situation and he has at… Continue reading New Author!

Last Word, Miscellany

How my brain works

I think I may be wired all wrong. Somewhere when they were handing out circuit boards for the human brains, someone seems to have cut corners. "What makes you say that?", you ask. In a recent conversation I was able to go from the starting point of Jude the Obscure to Gary Glitter without missing… Continue reading How my brain works