Last Word, Writing


It is heartening to see the number of visitors jump today. And they've been kind, leaving no comments or trace of their identities. As I get more used to this wonderful world, it makes me think of authors who were wont to release their books in serial form. What would they have made of the… Continue reading Traffic

Last Word, Pomes

The End

No one knows Where the love goes Shadows pale And men fail When the end comes No one cares To find out where Loving ends And minds bend When the end comes No one says What should be said Heros die And eyes lie When the end comes No one tries What should be tried… Continue reading The End

Last Word


The Last Word in words. That is what this is about. Actually, it is about me. Blogging being the 21st century alternative to the salon, with the decided advantage of the blogger always having the last word! The grand exit, the brilliant riposte, the shining example of wit are yours if you only take the… Continue reading Absolutely…