This page is the dumpster, the cavernous, faceless, identity-less posts that cannot be categorized easily into the other categories. They’re not quite Travel, Food or Memoirs.They’re not about Writing, they’re certainly not Poetry or Fiction. Some are opinions pieces and right before I created this page they were tagged as “Opinion”. However, not all of these are strictly opinions. Some are mere observations, others rants.

Anyway, here are all of those tired, unwashed and careworn denizens of this blog. I have to say some of these are not bad posts, it’s just that they’re like me; hard to define, or one could say, alphabetize, analyze, arrange, assort, brand, break down, catalogue, class, codify, distinguish, docket, file, grade, group, index, label,  match, order, organize, peg, pigeonhole, regiment, segregate, sort, systematize, tabulate, tag, ticket, type, typecast. You get the general idea, right?

Here we go then.


Tell us how you feel! It's free, Free, FREe, FREE!!!

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