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Bottledworder wants to know

Bottledworder, this is in response to your post. I've broken your questions into three different categories. At the outset, I should mention that I discovered you when you read and liked this post about my life in college. I have stayed with your ever since. So reader, who are you?¬†Have you written a post introducing… Continue reading Bottledworder wants to know



Thank you for your patronage over the last year. 2013 was a year of sudden growth, with many new readers coming to read what we had to say. Almost all were kind enough to say something nice or when they had nothing nice to say said nothing at all. We are not sure that that… Continue reading Refreshed!

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The New Year

December has become the present. Just as November is the early present. The day after Halloween, stores change from orange and black to red and green, from the scary and gloomy to the bright and festive. Drivers become shoppers and shoppers forget parking skills. Good people become bad tempered louts. The spirit of Christmas is… Continue reading The New Year