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Punjabi Grilled Vegetables

I've been invited for dinner this Saturday; the invitation coming with a nod to my culinary skills. Yes, ladies, gentlemen and all you other lot, I've been asked if I would please come over and use the hosts' grill to make ye famouse grilled vegetables. Since I know you absolutely adore my recipes (or not),… Continue reading Punjabi Grilled Vegetables

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The Escaped Goat

And on a great island sat James. For he was the head, the chief. And this James coveted the riches of the kingdom of BCCI. For James's kingdom had once been rich in heroes. Jeff, with his slingshot thunderbolts, and the menacing Dennis had smote many in the field of battle. Shane the Wily had… Continue reading The Escaped Goat

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Late Kate

<Note: I see a lot of people searching for "Late Kate" and ending up here. Would you please tell me what you were expecting? I have found this search term very intriguing and I'd love to know more. Thanks > Way back in time, in first grade the Slo-Man's first tentative steps into the beguiling… Continue reading Late Kate

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A dead body at night

It was a dark and stormy night... no wait, it wasn't. It was a typical Calcutta night, the searing heat of the day dissipating into a warmth with just a touch of cool about it. And it was late at night when we got home. It must have been the late '70s, the turmoil of… Continue reading A dead body at night

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about blog posts

The Slo-man's alter ego has kept him busy and occupied and the other personalities that live with him have been tied up too. You could argue that that is to be expected and you would be arguing with yourself. However, this post is about feedback, not the kind that Hendrix harnessed so harmonically, but rather… Continue reading about blog posts