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The Date of the Jackal

A found R fascinating. She, R, liked Jethro Tull. A’s tastes were more Donna Summer’s gasping, moaning, sex-drenched disco. But R was friendly, liked A’s company and a movie or two together ensued. One day, I was asked if I wanted to accompany them, in my usual role of chaperone for the Other Girl. Yes,… Continue reading The Date of the Jackal

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Bengali COBOL

In the early summer of the following year (following the on-time, on-budget arrival of the baby #1, chronicled in this post) financial conditions hadn't really improved. A meager income was being gleaned by teaching. My wife and I took up part-time lectureships at various schools that were mushrooming everywhere. Schools that gave out diplomas on… Continue reading Bengali COBOL

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No Aloo? No point!

So this is it then. The end of civilization as we know it. The thin edge of the wedge. The most unkindest cut of all. Remember that song we used to play, Sam? It's almost over. The end of the world is nigh. There was a time when I lived in Calcutta (Kolkata, if Bengali… Continue reading No Aloo? No point!

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The First School Reunion

Schools, good ones, were hard to come by in Calcutta. Boys had a choice of St. Xavier's, La Martiniere for Boys, the recently rejuvenated and rising fast in the ranking St. James and my own school, Don Boso Park Circus, DBPC for short. Admissions were competitive and parents stressed over the best ways to ensure… Continue reading The First School Reunion

Last Word, Memoirs

Baby steps in

Things went back to normal after An Inauspicious Start. Of course, normal was the new normal which wasn't quite the same normal as the previous normal. Progressing pregnancy dulled the pain of financial doom. Sometime in the 3rd month we had signed up for a 5-day package at Woodlands Nursing Home in Alipore. Dr K,… Continue reading Baby steps in