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The Power of Cats

Over the past year this blog has seen quite a bit of activity. Averaging approximately a post a week, we've managed to talk about many a thing. And as we continue to dig into the statistics that WordPress has kindly provided, we are struck by the power of cats. Kittens, especially, are a big draw.… Continue reading The Power of Cats

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Thanks for the memories.

Yes,  indeed, the Slo-Word turned one today. WordPress was kind enough to send a reminder with a congratulatory note. And on this festive day, the Slo-man, the LastWord and the Peeved Punjabi salute you all, the readers who've taken the time to comment, to like, to read silently and surreptitiously. As the oldest member of… Continue reading Thanks for the memories.

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Ten Reasons why I blog

I’ve been blogging for a while. I don’t see blogging, yet, as an end in itself. So why do I blog? Here are my ten reasons why I blog, in no particular order.  #whyblog? 1. Boredom I started on the Microsoft blog site, I forget what it was called and it doesn’t exist anaymore anyway.… Continue reading Ten Reasons why I blog

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Hello World! Chopped!

Read Part 1 Read Part 2 "Well, I'll be damned!", I said. "This looks just like a GW-Basic Interpreter. Where the hell did you find this?" "Well...", he started. "Never mind, everyone go away and leave me alone. I need to think." I waved everyone away. On my table in those days always lay a… Continue reading Hello World! Chopped!

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Hello World! The Edge of Darkness!

Read Part 1 No, you're wrong. It wasn't my COBOL code, or my system design skills. The floppies were not corrupted, I could see the data outside my code with tools I had. As more boxes were delivered, I went down to ask for tea and a conference with the accountants. I took a sip… Continue reading Hello World! The Edge of Darkness!

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Hello World!

In the spring of 1987, I was lured away from my employer, a fast-growing, much respected Indian IT company by a startup. They offered double the salary, nice. A department to run, nice. A chance to put my reputation as a crazy, wacky and arrogant solver of weird problems on the line and deliver solid… Continue reading Hello World!

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Amazing Journey

Stratford, ON has always been a good trip. My first trip there was in 2009 to see Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest". A lavish production, with lush sets, fantastic costumes and a brilliant set of actors. Probably my favorite Wilde piece brought to life in brilliant fashion. That trip was an overnight trip… Continue reading Amazing Journey

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The Tale of the Cantankerous Cat

About a year after the wedding, my wife and I moved to a small flat, (apartment, if American). The area of Calcutta known as Lake Gardens sounds delightful. In reality the lake was man made, access to the area was via a congested level crossing of a busy commuter line or a massive detour around… Continue reading The Tale of the Cantankerous Cat