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Eggplant HooHah

Introductions may be in order since I have at least 1 reader in 3 different continents. So. An eggplant is called Baingan - Hindi Begun - Bengali Brinjal - most of India Aubergine - elsewhere in the world Eggplant - in North America Melanzana - Italian and hence Mad Apple - in old English <Digression… Continue reading Eggplant HooHah

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Death on the cricket field

Phil Hughes is dead. He died from a brain injury caused by a vertebral artery dissection. The dissection was caused by a cricket ball bowled by Sean Abbott. He was 25, just a few days from his 26th birthday. Sean Abbott is 22, 3 months short of 23. A freak accident, but an accident that… Continue reading Death on the cricket field

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Anniversary Anguish

I was going to call this the "Annual Anniversary Anguish" but then realized I would be redundant. No, I mean, not me, I mean, I was made redundant once in 2009 and haven't looked back, but I mean the Annual and Anniversary together would be abundantly redundant. Right, all that sorted out. You're not quite… Continue reading Anniversary Anguish

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The Mercy of Strangers

The Race normally went to the Swifts. The Swifts were a family, a large, loose family. They hunted together and they kept it all within their own. Outsiders were never welcome. Family growth was based on word-of-mouth and secret initiation ceremonies. The Swifts dominated because they were speedy, agile and changeable with a sharp sense… Continue reading The Mercy of Strangers

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ek glo! Despite you, Hansie!

Almost exactly 3 years ago, LeggieLefty wrote this ode to cricket. At that time three young men had been sent to jail for “spot-fixing”, predetermined outcomes within a match. Today’s news is that the one N Srinivasan has been named in a corruption scandal. At the time he was the head of the BCCI, the Board of Control for Cricket in India, the most powerful sports body in the world, some say. He has now been elevated to the world body. The International Cricket Conference is the world’s most toothless sports governance body.

A very sad day for us all here at SloWord. Even though LeggieLefty is transitioning off this blog, he will always remain an integral part of SloWord.

Pray for cricket, if you please!


Richie Benaud Riche Benaud (Image via Wikipedia)

I am a cricket lover. Cricinfo is a site I visit at least once a day. I played weekend amateur cricket all the way up to 2008. I have received chipped bones, torn nails, bruised limbs and a battered ego as compensation for my enthusiasm. I played cricket in school year round with no regard for seasons, soccer (or more accurately, football), monsoon or summer. Statistics may lie, but, ahh, what a glorious few hours can be spent in comparing the relative merits of two heroes, born generations apart but unified by the figures.

There cannot be for me a day better spent than under a weak winter sun, with a pile of sandwiches, a flask of coffee and a bag of easy-peel oranges, watching Test cricket. The weak winter sun is optional, as are the oranges, indeed all I really need is the…

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Punjabi in Paris – Normandy Notes 1

Yes, I do realize that Normandy is not in Paris and so, technically and pedantically speaking, the Punjabi can't be in Paris if he is in Normandy. You are quite right. Wrong, too. For it is entirely possible that he was in Paris when he wrote the Normandy Notes. In actual fact, he is writing… Continue reading Punjabi in Paris – Normandy Notes 1

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Coming soon..

Yes, a new post will be coming soon. Don't know when, don't know what about. Certainly not kittens or cats.  Because we hate all cats here at SloWord. With a passion... Yes, a passion usually reserved for a hearty sneeze or a good crap. (or should it be the other way around?) I think it's… Continue reading Coming soon..

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5 Weeks

The title doesn't quite have the same sort of cachet of 9 and 1/2 weeks, I'm afraid. Certainly there were no strawberries or Joe Cocker singing Randy Newman's "You can leave your hat on". (I used to work with a guy who really, really wanted high heels on... on her. Not him; that would have… Continue reading 5 Weeks