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The Angler on the Credit

<I met a fisherman on a cold autumn evening by the river side. I was preparing to leave and he was just settling in for a night of fishing. We got talking. His story was very simple. He was a taxi driver, uprooted from his native Bangladesh and transplanted thousands of miles away in chilly… Continue reading The Angler on the Credit

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Hair free summer

Now that summer is well on it's way, it's worth noting the Slo-Man's long standing belief that the human race is well on it's way to evolving into a hairless androgyne with electronic ears. With the No No sweeping the world it made me wonder: where does one stop? I mean, you start with the… Continue reading Hair free summer

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Announcing my new blog. As days go by I will figure out how to cross-link the two. Stay tuned.

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Sometime in the past, we had listed a series of things we could chat about and we asked our faithful, feckless, faceless and fearless readers to vote on them. And no one voted for Fish. And none of the regular contributors to this blog (!) could remember what the hell the intent was. And apparently… Continue reading Fish

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What is or who did?

<This memory was jogged by reading¬†this post> My last school, (I had 3), took inter-school competitions seriously. If it decided to compete in something, team selection was serious business. When I first started there midway through Grade 4, football (soccer, if American), was the game the school took seriously. The "A" team was a very… Continue reading What is or who did?