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Prohibition and Aristocrat

Once upon a time, I worked. My boss decided to send me up to the North East state of Assam, famous for tea and rain. The tea is the best in the world. The rain is the most in the world. There is also the unexplained mystery of birds gathering at one particular spot to… Continue reading Prohibition and Aristocrat

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Spring in the air!

"Why should I?", you ask. And you may have a point there. Spring is still not fully sprung; it is in fact still a bit of spring chicken. Living (or staying, if Indian) in the Golden Horseshoe, aka Costa Occidental del Lago Ontario, you would be hard pressed to find visible or sensual signs of… Continue reading Spring in the air!

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Saving the ODI

Continuing the earlier post about T20, inspired by this analytical article. In recent years the ODI has been threatened by T20. (if you don't know what either of those two terms mean, you can stop reading now, for none of the following will make any more sense. However, you can use Google to find out,… Continue reading Saving the ODI

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Cricket and T20

I just read this very numbery article. If you're not into statistics and numbers you're going to be quite numb at the end of it. However, if you're not into statistics can you truly call yourself a cricket aficionado? Hmm? Clearly Mr Date knows his data well and there are some interesting and clear indications… Continue reading Cricket and T20

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Tea and dBaseII

(This is the story behind the reference to tea in this earlier chapter of the memoirs.) The phone rang as I started shutting the front door behind me. In one of those momentous decisions that define history  I overrode my initial inclination to continue on my way out and stepped back in and picked up the… Continue reading Tea and dBaseII

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I am? I do?

A question put to me the other day left me scratching me head. Not because I have dandruff or other head afflictions, but figuratively speaking I was left wondering. What was the question, you ask? "What do you like?" Frankly, I was flummoxed, bewildered, puzzled, foxed, surprised and confused. What do I like? What am… Continue reading I am? I do?