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A Couple of Choices

I'm still here. Been busy as a bee. And I need your help. But before we get to that... we have to digress a bit. <Digression Alert: But why are bees always represented as being busy? Why not busy as an ant? Have you ever seen an ant lying around goofing off? No, right? But… Continue reading A Couple of Choices

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Right Hand Man – Chapter 3

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 The heavy black car eased slowly down the street. Fatty craned his neck left and right to inspect the houses as he steered the car. Beside him, Goon sat impassively in the passenger seat. "Not the most upscale neighborhood, Chief.", remarked Fatty. "Don't call me chief.", Goon stared straight ahead. "Ok,… Continue reading Right Hand Man – Chapter 3

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Right Hand Man – Chapter 2

<Looking for Chapter 1? Click this.> Fatty walked in to the office to see Goon already there. “Good morning, Chief! You’re up early!”, he said. Goon gave a grunt and waved him over to his desk. “This computer thing is very confusing”. “Oh, it just needs getting used to. Give it a week and you’ll… Continue reading Right Hand Man – Chapter 2

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Right Hand Man – Chapter 1

The phone rang and Goon picked it up. “Detective Sergeant Goon? This is Gwen from Superintendent Johns’ office. The Super would like to meet you at 11 today. Would you please come around to my office around by 10:55. The Super does not like to be kept waiting. Thanks” Goon replaced the phone and shifted… Continue reading Right Hand Man – Chapter 1

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The Angler on the Credit

<I met a fisherman on a cold autumn evening by the river side. I was preparing to leave and he was just settling in for a night of fishing. We got talking. His story was very simple. He was a taxi driver, uprooted from his native Bangladesh and transplanted thousands of miles away in chilly… Continue reading The Angler on the Credit