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How To make people uncomfortable

I'm writing HowTos at work too, so why not just put some of those creative juices to work here, eh? This is (could be, uh, would be if you participated) a highly interactive HowTo. Other interactive posts, however, have all failed to cause any interaction. Put bluntly, they have ALL sunk into oblivion like Atlantis,… Continue reading How To make people uncomfortable

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Late Kate – Radiant Way Reader

I cannot understand it. There seems to be a section of internet surfers who search for "Late Kate". Everyday, I am seeing 4-5 seekers seeking Kate. What they are looking for I don't know, but they end up here because of this very silly post about the then impending arrival of Prince George. Curiosity is… Continue reading Late Kate – Radiant Way Reader

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Dedicated to Cricket

Hello, You may know by now that I used to blog at https://sloword.wordpress.com SloWord really had no place for cricket in that blog, which has become a more general purpose blog that shares nostalgic stories, essays, travelogues and poetry. The Slo-Man wrote a satirical post here https://sloword.wordpress.com/2014/10/09/sad-news/ announcing the separation of the cricket posts from… Continue reading Dedicated to Cricket

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Kathmandu – The Boxed Set

http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/458304859 Due to the overwhelming response from the 4 readers who took time off to read this Tale of a Traumatic Travel Trip, The SloWord has been goaded into producing a Boxed Set. Which really means that my career as a writer is over, Boxed Sets coming after the Casino circuit, on a career progression… Continue reading Kathmandu – The Boxed Set

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Sad News

For some time now we have been noticing that LeggieLefty has been "very disinterested". His last post was written in April, 6 months ago. On a few occasions he has thrown away his post, despite such opportunities as "Red Monday", the day when Bangladesh scored over 600 and Australia fell apart. He missed the collapse… Continue reading Sad News

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Eddoes + Yogurt

Recipes are easy, following them is hard. I, therefore, don't follow them too closely. The important thing is to understand the concept and apply a dash of spices, a soupcon of common sense, lashings of  common culinary capability, keep it low and experiment, experiment, experiment. In other recipes that I have posted, I have put… Continue reading Eddoes + Yogurt

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How to Quit Smoking

In a departure from my usual stories, I shall write a How To. Now, in my day job I have written many a How To so I have a reasonable amount of expertise on this. Add to that the fact that this How To is based on a real-life, empirically proven method. So read on… Continue reading How to Quit Smoking