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Kebabs – Chicken

<I edited this to deal with the limes. Check the recipe for italicized text. Where be italics, there be edits. Remember to attach your thank you note when you send me that dollar> If you are only interested in the actual recipe and have no interest in, what I think is a very funny autobiographical… Continue reading Kebabs – Chicken

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I can read!

I used to be able to read a newspaper every morning. Well, that died when newspapers could not be bothered to hire real writers that knew how to spell or use grammar and journalists who could report on a story without filling up 90% of their piece with quotes from hitherto-unknown people. And of course,… Continue reading I can read!

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A Pome was requested – here it is

It was a hectic day at home, I was going about my work when all at once my dome went abuzz with the need to shirk and compose what I call a pome. And here, it, the pome, is, if this were a song this would be a bridge. The parking lot was paved And… Continue reading A Pome was requested – here it is

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Updated About

The "About" page has been updated. Actually a new menu item has been added. Hopefully, confusion will diminish and readers will understand the blog a wee bit more.  

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if grammar is dying

The immediacy of internet tools such as Twitter and WordPress and the ease with which anyone with time, little or no talent and nothing original to say can write and be published seem to have broken the shackles with which grammar bound the lazy and diffident and the modern reader has neither the taste to… Continue reading if grammar is dying