OKRA! Photographed, cooked and eaten by Ajesh Sharma…

This is the definitive About page for SloWord. Instead of the scattered Abouts that seem to have sprouted everywhere on the blog, I give you this ONE, the ONLY About page. You can navigate from here to all the other About pages. Just use the links below.

  • About SloWord – talks about the blog as a whole, who owns it, who writes it and why.
  • About The Authors – an overall look
  • The SloMan –  The Oldest Member, the One Who Started It All.
  • TheLastWord – Filled with Cream of Nostalgia, garnished with Portry.
  • PeevedPunjabi – When a rant is needed, out pops the PeevedPunjabi
  • LeggieLefty – dedicated to cricket, used to run his own blog when we were temporarily estranged. He’s back here, but very quiet. We think he may be sulking still….

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