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Site map
Site map (Photo credit: ☺ Lee J Haywood)

So you want to be unconfused, eh? Does the menu leave you nonplussed, or minussed? Well here on this page we shall reveal all, well, all that can be revealed. Hopefully, you will leave gruntled.

Believe it or not this blog is organized. Sort of. Don’t quite believe us? Here is a map:

  1. Home: The front page. SloWord, The Blog appears there.
  2. SiteMap: This page right here. <You are here>
  3. SloWord: About the blog itself
  4. Authors: A word or two about the Authors and what to expect. Links to
    1. The SloMan: The oldest member of the tribe. Fondly remembered as the pioneer who can be ignored
    2. The LastWord: Chief Operating Bloggist or COB
    3. The Peeved Punjabi: Junior member much given to ranting and is thus managed closely
    4. LeggieLefty: Saddened cricket fan who remembers when the game was a game to be enjoyed and savoured
  5. The Little Red Blog: A page dedicated to Little Red Blogs everywhere. Growing at a snails pace, actually hasn’t really seen too much action.

Categories Cloud:

In order to simplify finding all that interesting writing more easily we have used categories (and tags too – see the tag cloud). This jumble of most used categories simply takes you to the topic of your choice. Say for example, you wish to read excrutiating and meaning less poetry; select the Pomes category.

Tag Cloud:

We add keywords to each post so that we can entice unsuspecting searchers to posts. For example, we may tag a post with the keyword “kitten” to double the number of visitors. Cheap? Yes. Does it work? Yes.




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