Miscellany, Slo-Man

if he should invest in a hardhat

When Skylab was on its way to falling out of the sky, the Slo-Man remembers going to class with an umbrella over his head. That was a lighthearted time, the Slo-Man was younger, much, much younger and bore the bravado and insouciance of a callow youth combined with a general sense of giddiness because ille… Continue reading if he should invest in a hardhat

Miscellany, Slo-Man

if someone would please adjust the contrast…..

The Slo-Man, who is mildly athletic, which term subsumes all activity such as walking to the car, mowing the lawn, using a pistol grip sprinkler in a to and fro motion to spray grass and plants, loading and unloading the dishwasher and taking the laundry up and down the stairs, makes it a point to… Continue reading if someone would please adjust the contrast…..

Last Word, Pomes


The boy on the beach in Goa Cried please bring me some more Beer if you please At twenty five rupees Here's my mug, please pour! or Further delay I will abhor! or Alcohol has not yet reached every pore! or Write your own line, you bore!

Miscellany, Slo-Man


http://www.mobitary.com/2011/08/man-camps-outside-apple-store-in-anticipation-of-iphone-5.html A conversation on Facebook and a quick surf revealed the aforementioned blog post to the Slo-Man. First of all, iSheep is a term the Slo-Man really likes, however, the Slo-Man did not coin this phrase. He wishes he had because it epitomizes the culture and combines into itself the most prominent face of that culture. In the… Continue reading iSheep!