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Nasal Blues

So - I need help. Yeah, Yeah - I know! It seems the nose job 18 months ago didn't quite take. And as things stand I may have to go under the knife again. That was depressing - so I took me aside and wrote down this song. I just can't finish it and that's… Continue reading Nasal Blues


New! Improved! now with real fruit!

Really? No! Just an updated menu to make finding things easier in this crazy, mixed up blog. The blog has so many different flavors, as the two personalities write contrasting pieces. But, while there is no real fruit here, we are happy to announce that yet another personality will be taking up writing duties on… Continue reading New! Improved! now with real fruit!

Last Word, Recipes & Food

Soup – Butternut Squash

Many moons ago, I was asked at an interview if I was a "recipe maker" or a "recipe follower". My prompt reply was "recipe maker" - the interview effectively ended at that point. Like the Slo-Man I am not known for living on blind faith in "leaders". Unlike Col. Haathi, I believe that discipline's not… Continue reading Soup – Butternut Squash

Last Word, Memoirs

Mr Deka’s Nightmare – Part 3

Click for Part 1 of the Story Click for Part 2 of the Story That night the three of us did not get to bed as Anirban took apart every card, every peripheral and reassembled the machine and the cycle of testing continued. I learnt to use a multi-meter that day as I helped Deb… Continue reading Mr Deka’s Nightmare – Part 3

Last Word, Memoirs

Mr Deka’s Nightmare – Part 2

Part 1 Elsewhere in the city, I was busy doing the rounds of my 5 installations, each in different stages of readiness, some where the air conditioning was not installed to some where the printers supplied were the wrong sort. Of the 5 only one of the computers, or as they were called to circumvent… Continue reading Mr Deka’s Nightmare – Part 2

Last Word, Memoirs

Mr Deka’s Nightmare – Part 1

Anirban was still putting the panels back on as Deb rebooted the computer and Deb it was who saw it first. And with Mr Deka standing at Deb’s shoulder the game was afoot. I was elsewhere in the same city, dealing with problems with my own set of installations. But let me start at the… Continue reading Mr Deka’s Nightmare – Part 1