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No ID? No Problem? – Part 6

It was indeed a DH6 Twin Otter coming in to land, the first of the two. The chaos meter in the check-in area went up past 11. An enterprising and resourceful type ran out behind the terminal building. There was the sound of breaking glass, a brief moment of silence, then he appeared through the office door clutching papers in his hands. Thirty seconds later boarding passes were being issued at break neck speed for both the flights simultaneously.

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Women’s Equality Day

As is customary on such formal occasions the responsibility for writing a commemorative post devolves upon The Slo-Man. August is a grand old month. Not only does the first whisper of cooler climes caress your cheek as you walk to work, but  August brings the first jackets, the last languorous look at lighted evenings before… Continue reading Women’s Equality Day

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No ID? No Problem! – Part 5

Sunday morning came bright early and at 8:59 am I was at Everest Travels. <Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 here to get that background> Less than 5 minutes later I was sitting in the private office of the manager. "S... Tobacco picked it up. Your ticket is with them.", he was… Continue reading No ID? No Problem! – Part 5

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No ID? No Problem! – Part 4

<The story so far: Our hero, tempted by the prospects of bagging bushels of bullion, has bribed and begged his way into Nepal. He stands now inside the arrivals terminal at Tribhuvan International Airport with wuthering wit and seething senses. Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Read those first.> It was a… Continue reading No ID? No Problem! – Part 4

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No ID? No Problem! – Part 3

<Read Part I and Part 2> As I walked across the tarmac to the terminal building, I clutched my briefcase a little tighter. Visions of Nepali jails flashed before my eyes in a strange collection of images from various Hollywood movies. All too soon,  I was facing a customs officer. Pleading no knowledge of the… Continue reading No ID? No Problem! – Part 3

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No ID? No Problem! – Part 2

  When I left you hanging in Part 1, I was approaching the departure gate at Calcutta airport. I was headed out on the flight to Kathmandu, Nepal. I had no passport or any other form of photo id. In short nothing to prove I was who I said I was. The gate was manned… Continue reading No ID? No Problem! – Part 2

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No ID? No Problem! – Part 1

So there we were, barely successful business owners. Tea had given us a hefty start up push <read about it here>, Dettol and Cherry Blossom had given us wings, so when the cigarette company called we were reasonably assured we knew what the hell we were doing. Within a couple of years, a successful relationship… Continue reading No ID? No Problem! – Part 1

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Graked Fishies

What you may have thought when you saw the title I'm not quite sure. So let me try and clarify a few things. What does graked mean? It doesn't. Mean anything, really. It's just something my brain cooked up as a "grilled / baked" combo that comes without fries or a drink of your choice.… Continue reading Graked Fishies

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Actually a revamp. We've added the goodness of papaya and the healing properties of acai berries to give you a blog reading experience that you will quite easily forget. Yawning already? That will be the stimulus control therapy that comes free with this blog. Wait a second, you say. This blog has always been free!… Continue reading Vamp!