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Thanks for the memories.

Yes,  indeed, the Slo-Word turned one today. WordPress was kind enough to send a reminder with a congratulatory note. And on this festive day, the Slo-man, the LastWord and the Peeved Punjabi salute you all, the readers who’ve taken the time to comment, to like, to read silently and surreptitiously.

As the oldest member of the trio, the Slo-Man has been given the task of writing this little thank you post.

Over the past year, this blog has seen a slow and steady growth. You have visited us over 1500 times and left just over 200 comments. You’ve come to us from Facebook and WordPress Reader and recently from Twitter. You’ve been family, you’ve been friends, you’ve been alumni and you’ve been total strangers. And some strangers have become frequent correspondents. Overall it has been a year of growth and learning.

<Note from the Peeved Punjabi: What the hell are you doing, Slo? This is not a corporate Annual General Meeting! Get on with the thanks already!>

<The LastWord: Calm down, he’s doing what he does. We did ask him to write this, didn’t we? We should have known this would happen.>

We’ve enjoyed your company this past year. The thoughtful, amusing and encouraging comments you have taken the time to write have entertained and enlightened us. We hope that you will continue to come back and carry on the conversation. We value your participation and hope that this blog continues to provide you with a chuckle or a smile, elicits from you a groan or a sigh, causes you to raise the brow and purse the lips. Most of all we wish you continued success in whatever you do. If you are a fellow-blogger may you win many new readers and have many fruitful conversations, make plenty of new friends and re-connect with some who were lost.

We raise our glass to you! DSC_0950.

Over the past year this blog has given you true stories, commentary, quizzes, reviews, poetry and recipes. It has grown 11 different categories of posts; a reflection of the real life profile of the blogger behind it. Is he a techie? A writer? A poet? A musician? A chef? Or just a memory bank full of lame stories?

Thank you. Please come and read us again. There are more lame stories coming such as

1. The Chemistry of Love

2. Have no ID! Will Travel!

3. 14-grain Blade

16 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories.”

    1. Yes, we’re all growed up now! Actually, we are 5 WordPress years old. But due to some clever management we come across as one year old. Thus we are able to invoke the newbie clause.


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