Last Word

More cleanups

Instead of simply reblogging something on this Thursday, I’ve chosen to make improvements to the site. Again.

Apart from the ever-changing theme ( it’s a blue and white thingy now… ), I have made the following changes. These should make it easier to find posts. Some of the newer readers may find it useful to revisit some of the older posts.

  1. Added a page for ‘Poetry‘. This now hosts links to all the so-called poetry on the blog for your to ignore at your leisure.
  2. Added a page for ‘Favorites‘. This hosts links to a list of my personal favorites; the best posts of all time on this blog.
  3. Updated the menu to incorporate the pages.
  4. Renamed the menu – not visible to you, of course
  5. Deleted some of the older menus that were not being used.

I hope you like the changes.

In recent months I seem to have lost a lot of my regular readers. I miss their posts in my reader, so it looks like they’re not writing or reading. I hope they’re all ok and doing fine and they’ll be back soon. I’m also receiving a lot of silent seekers from a very scattered collection of countries searching for :

“Late Kate” – which brings them to Late Kate and Late Kate – Radiant Way Reader.

“Mustard oil” and “cricket bats” – which gives them Bats, Batsman Batting

I hope some day they will leave a comment as well…

That’s it for the time being. At some point all the menu items will take you to pages for each category of post. For now, this is it. Have fun!


5 thoughts on “More cleanups”

    1. yeah. I did ping one of my most regular correspondents. She is ok, just has an issue with an arm so needs to stay off the computer.. The others I don’t know. They don’t seem to be blogging anymore or as frequently.


      1. Simone/Lady of the Cakes is the one with the arm issue, right? 🙂 I checked in with her too. I think she’s on the mend now. Hopefully back to blogging soon.


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