Portrait of the writer

It’s Thursday! You lucky people get to read a very old pome! Enjoy!


The art of the writer
is a precious thing.
He writes for himself,
but others are served.

The heart of the blighter
wants the woman to cling.
He wants for himself
the other thinks β€œperve!”.

The part of the writer
is a constant thing.
It creates itself
barbers conserve.

The fart of the writer
has a wonderous sting.
He relieves himself
the room is unnerved.

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6 thoughts on “Portrait of the writer”

    1. I completely forgot about this… 😦 I may take this up, real soon now. I promise.

      Thanks for tagging me. I’ll have to 3 posts at once and schedule them because I don’t trust myself to write daily. I already failed the Ultimate Blog Challenge… πŸ™‚

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