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Updated Travels

Yep! I’ve been busy upgrading, in the last few weeks, I have upgraded:IMG_1226

  • USB hub ( actually, the old one died, so this is technically, a BCP replacement )
  • NAS drive
  • Ethernet switch from 4 port to 8 port
  • New video card for the Windows machine
  • Monitor for the Windows machine ( old one went white, so borrowed a 40inch TV 🙂 )
  • Extra extension outlets to run AC power to everything.
  • Ethernet cables
  • Nikon ViewNX2 ( which led to the next item )
  • OSX Yosemite on the MacBook ( Sheesh! read all about that lovely piece of work here )
  • Categorized and indexed all the Memoirs in chronological order ( see here )

Categorized and indexed all the Travel posts in chronological order. ( see here )


2 thoughts on “Updated Travels”

    1. I know! I’ve been neglecting stuff for a while and it all just piled up, so I went one day and spent a glorious amount of time and money.. 🙂 What else could I do with spring refusing to spring up?

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