where do streets get their names?

He can see no Deer on Deer Run or any vista on Vista Drive. And when is it a Street as opposed to a Drive or an Avenue?

And why do streets change their names on opposing sides of the cross street?

What manner of person serves on such a committee? Is there competition to serve on such committees? Are there people clamouring for the privilege?

Don’t you get the Slo-Man wrong; he only wanna know….


Why it’s been so long

and can think of many reasons. A lot has happened in the past few months, most of it harrowing or upsetting.

Now, however, the Slo-Man is determined to spend more time with his computer and blog. For the Slo-Man loves to write ( and read, but that’s another blog…. ).

When did June become so fraught?

June 2007 and now June 2008 has been fraught with health issues. It used to be a month to look forward to – the advent of summer, the grass the Slo-Man has been trying to grow (has tried everything but Rogaine), days out playing golf or the other game…..

Why can’t we find a slick wireless config tool??

Well why??

Windows XP and Linux – neither is blameless. They leave you feeling like something magical happened when the system finally recognises the router………

Amazing, that with all the advances this is still such a hit or miss affair.

Dress Shoes

Why are dress shoes called dress shoes? Should they be called dress-up shoes instead?

This after a fire-drill that had me walking down 17 floors..