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Gender and the Blogger

The Slo-Man was recently struck by a comment. It jumped right off the screen and hit him smack between the eyes. He then went digging into some facts and embarked on a mini-voyage of self-discovery. How did this come about? The Slo-Man, who is still catching up with his reading, after the exertions of February,… Continue reading Gender and the Blogger

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Martha Stewart and project schedules

Once upon a time, the Slo-Man was a software programmer, a systems designer known for solving complex problems. His penchant for using innovative data models was a source of much admiration and satisfaction, mostly by and to himself. He ran software development teams with an iron hand, laying down detailed coding standards focused on reusable… Continue reading Martha Stewart and project schedules

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We chatted long and hard amongst ourselves about this 100th post. As a landmark post of sorts, there was considerable debate about the following: 1. Who should write it? The Slo-Man is the eldest blogger so he should, said one school of thought. The LastWord is on a roll and has many stories he's been… Continue reading OKRA



Thank you for your patronage over the last year. 2013 was a year of sudden growth, with many new readers coming to read what we had to say. Almost all were kind enough to say something nice or when they had nothing nice to say said nothing at all. We are not sure that that… Continue reading Refreshed!

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The New Year

December has become the present. Just as November is the early present. The day after Halloween, stores change from orange and black to red and green, from the scary and gloomy to the bright and festive. Drivers become shoppers and shoppers forget parking skills. Good people become bad tempered louts. The spirit of Christmas is… Continue reading The New Year

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Decided not to Decide

The Slo-Man has decided not to decide whether it is he or them. He is inclined to believe it  is them. He is aware that they probably think it is he. Maybe we should step back just a bit and explore this curious state of affairs. First of all, we already know the Slo-Man. Or… Continue reading Decided not to Decide

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New Author!

Please join us in welcoming a new contributor to this blog. LeggieLefty will be bringing his specialized and rare knowledge of the lovely game of cricket to these blogs. For some time now, LeggieLefty has been ghosting cricket posts for the LastWord. The LastWord was never truly comfortable with that situation and he has at… Continue reading New Author!

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Thanks for the memories.

Yes,  indeed, the Slo-Word turned one today. WordPress was kind enough to send a reminder with a congratulatory note. And on this festive day, the Slo-man, the LastWord and the Peeved Punjabi salute you all, the readers who've taken the time to comment, to like, to read silently and surreptitiously. As the oldest member of… Continue reading Thanks for the memories.

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Late Kate

<Note: I see a lot of people searching for "Late Kate" and ending up here. Would you please tell me what you were expecting? I have found this search term very intriguing and I'd love to know more. Thanks > Way back in time, in first grade the Slo-Man's first tentative steps into the beguiling… Continue reading Late Kate

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about blog posts

The Slo-man's alter ego has kept him busy and occupied and the other personalities that live with him have been tied up too. You could argue that that is to be expected and you would be arguing with yourself. However, this post is about feedback, not the kind that Hendrix harnessed so harmonically, but rather… Continue reading about blog posts