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The First Irregular SloWord Awards

SW-Number 1 scaledThis is the first ever award I’ve ever handed out. It goes out to the reader who has left the most comments on this here blog, SloWord, since it’s birth 3 years ago.

This soon to be prestigious award will be handed out at random intervals, but always based on solid data.

Our winner, ladies and gentlemen, <dramatic pause followed by dramatic rustling of dummy envelope> of the First Ever #1 Commenter on SloWord Award is, The Lady of The Cakes! <applause or deafening silence>

Despite our differences of opinion on the subject of cats, she is perfectly sound on OKRA and for those who know me, OKRA trumps everything. I mean I’m taking shots to cure me of my cat allergy, but an OKRA fix is an OKRA fix.

So, The Lady of The Cakes, please feel free to download this image that you see up there and I hope you will display this with some pride and loads of amusement. Remember, you’re the first one to win this award. No one can take that away from you. When it becomes, if, if, it becomes famous and prestigious you will be able to boast reminisce about this as you sip your prune juice while seated in your comfortable rocking chair.

Here is a picture of a cat and some OKRA. We must have balance….


8 thoughts on “The First Irregular SloWord Awards”

  1. Congratulations to the Lady of the Cakes!
    I have to say I LOVE cats and I LOVE OKRA so I already have perfect balance.
    Now I confess to loving cakes as well. Does that upset the balance? Or is three company?


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