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Embed from Getty ImagesSo we had the annual, actually, the 87th Annual, dress-up-and-make-political-speeches-thank-god-my-family-the-cast-and-crew-for-an-amazing-film extravanganza. It was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and featured a confusing opening song-and-dance. Well produced it may have been, but it was confusing. To me, at least, and my opinion is all that matters to me.

Two reasons I stopped watching it:

1. Neil Patrick Harris is not funny.

2. Neil Patrick Harris referring to Oprah Winfrey as American sniper.

3. < ok, I lied! Three reasons> Neil Patrick Harris appearing in his underwear. Really? This is the point I switched the TV off and went to sleep.

Postscript: The other weird thing to stand out was Kevin Hart’s confusing tuxedo. And NPH did make a smart comment about the lady in the dress with balls. Well, ha ha hardee ha.

9 thoughts on “#Oscars”

    1. Really, eh? Hmm, well from the trailer I wasn’t sure what to make of it…I don’t mind the F words, but a meaningless story is another thing. Thanks for dropping by and taking the extra time to comment.


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