#WC2015 kicks off

Australia v India 1st ODI at the MCG, Jan 2004
Australia v India 1st ODI at the MCG, Jan 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5-0 so far, but February 15th, 2014 is another day, another match, another team in another country. A country that has not been too kind to Indian cricket teams. Though, in recent years, despite the 4-0 a few years ago, Indians have shown some fight. Even the recent 2-0 was not without it’s moments.

Still, off we go with the World Cup 2015 and the defending champions are not considered likely to defend successfully. In fact, India is not amongst the favored teams, unless they can find bowlers who can bowl to a plan and actually make the ball do something other than sail over the boundary.

The favorites seem to be Australia, with New Zealand likely to provide more than a surprise. I expect South Africa to no more than challenge. The other teams? Only India is likely to show a thing or two. Pakistan and England? Well, we’ll see.

LeggieLefty is not known for his love for ODI’s. You can read his previous posts on the changes he’d like to see to both ODI cricket and T20, which he does not even consider cricket.

Good luck, India.  You’ll need it!


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