Pomes, Slo-Man

Impending Autumn

dsc02818.jpgNow is the season for death. A death that will bring life once again, but for that life we must die now. This is the season for love. A love that will take you further apart, but for that love, this love must die.

The present is doomed. The past misunderstood. The future? The future is known. The future is death. The thing we call love is filled with the thing we call hate. The one and the other are equal to the eye.

The chill winds blow and the ill winds whisper their sweet murmurings of deceit. The body cries how! How did this happen? Did you not see the signs of decay? The glimmer of gathering gloom, the lengthening shadows?

Leave now, she cries, as the red bleeds from the trees and the swirling miniature tornadoes chase your feet, scampering puppy-like just out of reach of your toes.

The wind tears at you and the eyes tear. You turn away hiding the hurt, your voice is silent, the shoulders are straight, painfully straight. There is warmth somewhere, far away.

The first signs of implosion are not seen, not felt. The world is just a place where happiness is earned, where love is not a right, and sadness runs free every day.

The past doomed you. The present buries you. The future, when it comes, will relieve you. Think of the past with love, think of the present with sadness. Think of the future with no regret.

Let the red bleed from the trees. Let it show the way. Let the light change from a glorious brilliance to a dull grey. Let it all happen. Let it flow with no hindrance and no let.

Now is the season for death. A death that will bring love once again, but for that love we must live now. This is the season for life. A life that will take you from love, but for that life, you cannot die.



23 thoughts on “Impending Autumn”

  1. Brilliant. By far your best yet. The first time I beheld this ‘red bleeding’, it took my breath away. On one hand you sit back in anguish and watch summer wane away and on the other, there is the awesome color of autumn that you look forward to. I guess it is a time when we realize that, to everything there is a bright side. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Slo, this is simply exquisite. Love and life bring us such delicious pain. When each one fades we have no choice but to go through the excruciating process of grieving and letting go before we be a part of something new again. It sucks sometimes.

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  3. Magpie, The Slo-Man would like to confess that it started out as totally different sense in his head. Twenty minutes later the senses had run away with themselves and you see what you just read. Sometimes, it just happens and these are the best ones, the most powerful ones.

    Tears are involved in many situations, some real and some imagined. Some from joy and some from pain. Some are necessary and others simply useless acts of desperation.

    Thank you for your kinds words. It means a lot.


  4. I get the feeling that you started with a thought but the words took on a life of their own from the 3rd verse on-wards and went somewhere else. Which basically means that you should just let them take over. I love the ‘red bleed’ and ‘the sweet murmurings of deceit’. But what I like best is that despite all the gloom and lengthening shadows, there is still a ‘Warm place, somewhere far away’ ~ I love that.


  5. This is profound and so close to the way I feel. Thank you for saying it in words that I could never have woven my own thoughts into. I am so sharing this!


    1. Thank you. This is something I must have felt last year while I was incarcerated in Sakatoon, lonely, bored and increasingly cold on the daily 10 minute walk between my apartment and the client’s office.


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