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Gender and the Blogger

Writing spider, Argiope aurantia
Writing spider, Argiope aurantia (Photo credit: Vicki’s Nature)

The Slo-Man was recently struck by a comment. It jumped right off the screen and hit him smack between the eyes. He then went digging into some facts and embarked on a mini-voyage of self-discovery.

How did this come about? The Slo-Man, who is still catching up with his reading, after the exertions of February, his not-so-smooth return to his coding roots and the need to update his other official blog/website, finally managed to visit some of the blogs he had earmarked.Β  In the course of his reading he had a brief conversation with an award winning bloggist and writer who blogs at And one of her comments made the Slo-Man blink and think.

“I thought you were a woman”, she said.

Is it true? Does the blogger operating as the Slo-Man, The LastWord, The Peeved Punjabi and LeggieLefty come across as feminine? It does seem that a majority of bloggers the Slo-Man reads are female. And the most active readers of this blog are female. The top 3 commenters of all time are all female and include a freelance writer, a college professor of English and a research librarian. It would appear that this blog appeals to the more English-aware and does not appeal to the masses.

If we were to further break down reader / correspondent data, it would appear that family and immediate friends stay away from this blog. So the bulk of the readers do not personally know the Slo-Man. They have nothing to go by except the writing on this blog.

Is it possible for writers to display a gender in the their writing?

(The photo showed up – thanks Zemanta! – and it was really interesting so it appears here. Someday, the Slo-Man will explore his writing personalities and you should expect some reference to the Writing Spider..)


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21 thoughts on “Gender and the Blogger”

  1. How curious… I do think that writing style does, quite often, do betray the writer’s gender even if it is not revealed in the content itself.

    I think you write like a guy πŸ˜‰

    But then again, I knew your gender from the outset, so maybe I ‘m biased…

    On further consideration, of course, you never REALLY know with blogs. People have been known to pose and purposely mislead their unsuspecting audience… for all I know you’re a cat lady axe murderer…


    1. My “masses” comment is the unfortunate truth. I don’t mean to be elitist. I do wish my blog was more widely read. However, based on the data gathered from WordPress, IndiBlogger etc, my writing style does not appeal to the masses. 😦

      As far as family and friends go, I think you have to find one of two things.

      1. doters: who will read any old bilge you put out and will gush over it
      2. readers: who enjoy reading and have the time to do so.


  2. I think your writing style is unique and interesting. I didn’t really think you are a woman nor that your writing style is feminine. I have experience with this as I thought for some time that my husband was a woman!


    1. uh… you might want to explain that last bit!

      Thanks for the note. The Slo-Man would like to state that he is not expressing any preference as to gender in writing. He was simply curious to find out if a reader could indeed see any traits that identified with either sex. It is a purely unscientific sociological study based on reader feedback.


      1. We met while playing an online game. My husband likes to say he is a gender bender – he likes to play female characters. I have heard of his character and since it was a she I assumed the player was a female as well. It wasn’t until a friend of mine told me the person behind the character is actually a guy.


  3. You are not alone, Slo-Man. I’m so careful now about assuming a commenter is male or female. I can’t begin to tell you how often I have thought a reader was one gender or the other, only to be surprised at a later date. Maybe WordPress should have a tiny gender symbol under each photo, ha ha!
    And your right about writing sometimes being more appealing to one gender or the other. I thought my posts would only appeal to female readers, but half my followers are male.


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