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How my brain works

Baker Street (song)
Baker Street (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think I may be wired all wrong. Somewhere when they were handing out circuit boards for the human brains, someone seems to have cut corners. “What makes you say that?”, you ask.

In a recent conversation I was able to go from the starting point of Jude the Obscure to Gary Glitter without missing a heartbeat. The other parties in the conversation struggled to comprehend the method by which I was able to get from a famous novel by Thomas Hardy to a now-disgraced former glam-rocker.

So here is a map that attempts to explain it. Note the many open nodes that could lead us yet further to Oliver, Chubby Checker, taxi cabs, Sherlock Holmes, Gerry Rafferty….Jude the Obscure

This is probably the reason I can hold so much trivia in my head.

How does your brain work? Does it also contain one massive linked list?

1 thought on “How my brain works”

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t find this strange at all. When we were little we played a word association game (we didn’t know that Psychologists use it to this day) that ran pretty much like the way your brain works!


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