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A question of space

The Question Is What Is the Question?
The Question Is What Is the Question? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How big should a space be? How long should a blog post be?

And, yes, I know. You were hoping and praying I would continue the cricket post. However, despite never winning the vaguest, tiniest Versatile Blogger award amongst the hundreds that I see being handed out, I plan to provide variety here. Which means that you will have to come back and revisit to see the next installment of my cricket memoirs.

No – we’re going to review size. What is size? Does it matter? In an ever expanding universe should we be expanding as well? Are we, in fact, expanding as well? If so, then I have the scientific explanation for my expanding midriff. In other words, it’s not my fault then.

The question of how long a blog post should be is best left to those bloggers who have successfully managed to be Freshly Pressed and now count thousands of followers and commenters. For the 5 people who read this blog my question is:

Boxers or briefs?

As a consultant in real life, I can tell you this. “It depends”.

But what do you think? Chime in, have your say!

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