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Russian world champion synchronized swimming t...

mmmyes! It does exist. This thing that makes your heart beat faster, the brain swirl with random asymmetric thoughts is not a romantic notion created by writers. It exists and is real. It makes you useless, apt to watch equestrian events or even synchronized swimming rather than sit down to work.

And it feels like work, when this formless malady hits. It has the consistency and feel of honey without the sweetness, stickiness that proliferates, affecting every thing around you within a radius of ten feet, miraculously quick to spread even while it takes ages to pour out.

Setting a time aside for output seems to trigger a vicarious need to settle the desk, check email, read Wikipedia on obscure TV shows – anything really other than attacking the issue head on.

So I took up the challenge and put down this post. And in a tribute to the greatness of Writer’s Block, this post has no real conclusion…..

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